Goal Setting and Picture Books


As the return from winter break approaches, I am thinking of how I can continue to motivate some of my reluctant readers and writers.  Before we said goodbye for the holiday break, I had conversations with a few of my students to see where their minds were at.  We talk a lot about our interests in the classroom and I try to provide as many resources as possible to supplement these interests.  And yet – I still have a couple students who have the knowledge they need but seem less than motivated to use it.  They are still relying on teachers and others to help with unknown words.  They still need a little hand holding.

I tell parents that January starts our “crunch” time  – meaning we really put to use what we learned those first few months. With the application also comes to relinquishing of responsibility from teacher to students.  More and more independence becomes encouraged and required of our sweet kinders.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t drop them in to the deep end of a difficult assignment and yell “Swim!”.  But I do release their hands, little by little, until suddenly they find themselves accomplishing it alone.  For my littles who still aren’t ready, they stumble a bit.  They become frustrated and sometimes down right upset that “no one” will help.  Then….

The light bulb goes off.  The fire catches.  The connections are strengthened and extend beyond their wildest dreams.  They realize they are doing it – all by themselves.  And. It. Is. Amazing.

To help get us ready for the “CRUNCH”, I’m calling on a few of my favorite picture book friends:









After reading and discussing what we would like to accomplish, each student will create a GOAL board.  I’m not sure of the format yet, but I’m sure Pinterest has tons of printables if I decide to go that route rather than using their iPads. Goals can be easily incorporated into data notebooks if those are a part of your classroom.

What’s your goal to make it through the CRUNCH?

Happy 2015!



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6 responses to “Goal Setting and Picture Books

  1. On my mind as well. The big CRUNCH and where do we go from here. My kinders have not made the gains that I know they can so need to reflect why and see what changes can be made. Your post has me thinking.

    • The couple I have in mind seem to have NO interest in learning to read – zero! Ive tried using things they like and working with them where they are – but still seem content with not reading, even though they could if they tried consistently. Im hoping the break rejuvinated them and their light bulbs will go off soon!

      • I have that as well and also with the writing workshop activities. A bit frustrating but maybe the January hurdle will take effect.

      • And then I think – if they aren’t ready, they aren’t ready… Don’t want to push too hard because of pressures on me as the teacher and district expectations, ya know?

  2. And that’s where balance takes hold. Right?

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