#BeBrave and Use Your Teacher Voice


The number one “rule” in my class is to Be Brave.  We talk about how being brave can mean different things.  Brave doesn’t always equate “superhero” brave.  In our class, being brave means doing something, trying something, or saying something – even if we are afraid. More and more, I find myself in a position where I need to practice what I preach with my students.

IMG_0380                                    IMG_0381

Showing I can #bebrave – even though I’m afraid of heights

Many times, teachers are afraid to say things.  Afraid to stand up against a policy.  Afraid to disagree with a colleague.  Afraid to confront a parent. Or, even – afraid to say something that has worked for them. For many teachers, it is difficult to share accomplishments in their classrooms or professional lives.  I am one of those.  I never want to come across as bragging. “Tooting my own horn” is not really my style. Yes – I write this blog, and some could consider this blog as horn tooting.  In my mind though, writing is something that comes naturally to me.  My process isn’t to do something in my classroom to write about.  I write about what I’m doing in my classroom.  There is a huge part of me that takes a deep breath every time I click publish.  A part of me that isn’t sure someone will read it – other than my mom or sister! And then, someone does.  Someone reads it.  They like it or leave a comment or share the post. The validation feels good.  What also feels good is that I can share these things and not feel bad about it. I’m not bragging – I’m sharing.  Thank goodness for others that have shared along the way.  I have learned so much from them.

In my classroom, and perhaps your own, I encourage my students to feel confidence and pride.  To be proud of themselves when they accomplish something. To be proud of yourself = #bebrave.  Be brave and say “I’m proud” or “I worked hard” or “I did it”!

Today, I am choosing to #bebrave and use my teacher voice and say “I’m proud” and “I worked hard”.  Beyond the Stoplight reached out to me regarding my experience doing away with “stoplight” behavior management system in my classroom.  The interview was just published last night.  I am honored – and humbled – and proud to share it with you.


Use your teacher voice and share something you’re proud of!



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