Fantasy Draft



It’s that time of year friends – FOOTBALL! On Saturdays (and some Thursdays) you will find my television and attention focused on College Gameday on ESPN.  You may hear me yelling all the way from Charleston while watching my beloved Georgia Bulldogs.

Also during this time, I become the “commercial breaks” for my fiance and his Fantasy Football shenanigans.  The TV on Sundays and Mondays (and sometimes Thursdays) becomes his domain.  He bogarts all the internet bandwidth doing research and preparing his teams for the various leagues he has teams associated with. You may hear him yelling all the the way from Charleston while watching several different games across several different devices.

Yesterday was the first draft of the fantasy season.  Our evening was planned all around it. While I watched him focus on creating the best possible line up from the best possible players, I began to wonder about a different kind of fantasy draft.

If you could draft the ultimate group of people to work with – who would you choose? The available draftees could be anyone from history, literature, or your real everyday life.  Perhaps years experience would be taken into account but, stats would probably be things that cannot be measured with numbers, but with feelings.

So, here is my Fantasy Draft – I encourage you to share your own.

Extraordinary People from my Ordinary Everyday Life: Former and current colleagues that inspire me

The creativity of these three bring joy to school
Laura Bashaw
Crystal Mills
Katie Jones

The professionalism, integrity, and downright grit of these people keep me working hard
Kristi Meeuwse
Adriana Jarrard
Meghan Driggers
Johne Cobb

UGA’s finest mentors and people I strive to be like
JoBeth Allen
Andy Plemmons
Thomas VanSoelen

Characters I Wish Were Real People:   My favorites who serve as reminders of greatness

Atticus Finch – To Kill A Mockingbird
Scout Finch – To Kill A Mockingbird
Fern Arable – Charlotte’s Web
Charlotte A. Cavatica – Charlotte’s Web
Mufasa – The Lion King
Ellie and Miah – If You Come Softly
Professor McGonagall – Harry Potter
Mary Poppins

Authors/Illustrators I Wish I Could Talk to Everyday:  If only I could plan lessons directly with these people!

Mo Willems
Jaqueline Woodson
Frank McCourt
Kevin Henkes
Kadir Nelson
David Catrow
Patricia Polacco

People I Follow on Social Media: People I’d love to actually see each day

Matt B. Gomez
Pernille Ripp
Amy Night
Angela Maiers




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2 responses to “Fantasy Draft

  1. Moma

    What am I chopped liver???? Bahahahahahahahahahaha! Love YOu!

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