#Kinderblog14, Letters to the Editor


I had a difficult time with this post – which was surprising to me.  Through my Pinterest browsing, I stumbled across another teacher’s blog post about getting her second graders to write more.  Although she made some good points, she also left me with an “uh oh” feeling and had my mind buzzing with questions.  Surprisingly, I used the Common Core as a basis for one argument, despite my issues I have with them (discussed here).

This is my comment:


There is always a little hesitation for me when commenting on another blog, especially if I disagree with something.  So much can be read between the lines, whether it is meant or not.  Tone doesn’t always come across appropriately in comments, texts, posts, and emails. So this #kinderblog14 challenge was just that, a challenge, for me!



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3 responses to “#Kinderblog14, Letters to the Editor

  1. Just read your post and comment Frannie and I just have to say I love your passion and how you think about reading and writing, pedagogy and DAP! You are a wonderfully thoughtful and engaging teacher!

    • Thank you so much! I would like to think that if anyone knows anything about me it’s that I absolutely love my job. At the end of the day, my kids are who matter most to me. Being a part of this PLN has helped me express my views more openly to more people.

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