How I Blog – Snippet


Often, I am asked about my process for writing this blog.  Being at a 1:1 iPad school, slightly savvy about technology, and a blogger – I think it is often assumed that I long ago ditched paper and pencil. In fact, the opposite is true.  I cling to pencil/paper, as well as print resources.  But my love affair with the printed word is another post entirely!


When I want to blog – I have no set way of going about it.  In fact, what I do as a writer is different each time.  A couple days ago, I blogged about part of my experience at the iSummit Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  Leaving that conference, I had several blog ideas in mind.  Sitting down in front of the computer and just typing was out of the question.  Too many thoughts, feelings, and ideas were swimming around.  They needed to be sorted out.  Notes needed to be read over.  Planning was necessary.



Screenshots of my notes from iSummit 2014

While at the conference, I took notes on my iPad – but also stuck sticky notes in a variety of places.  When I sat down days later to look over everything, I organized my thoughts into different posts using good ole’ prewriting webs.


For me, this prewriting was crucial to the blogging process.  I want each post to be concise and fluid.  My readers should be able to easily follow my thoughts, rather than get jumbled up with them.

Other times, I am able to sit down at the computer and just type – straight in to the “new post” box.  Quick and dirty, the post is done.  Sometimes finding the right images for my message takes longer than getting the actual thoughts out.

And still other times, I type my post into Word first.  I edit, revise, and painstakingly mull over my words to make sure they echo their sounds in my head.  I get a friend to read over it, spell check it repeatedly, even print it out and read aloud. I may obsess over a post for days before I ever hit the publish button.

As you can see – I do not have one way of blogging.  My process is simply that, a process.  My process has different avenues that all lead to the same product.  We, as teachers, know there is often more than one way to get the right answer.



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