#Kinderchat Challenge: Ketchup

I’m going to jump on Amy’s bandwagon and blame her puppy 🙂 for falling behind on this blog challenge.  But then I also have report cards to complete, district assessments to administer, running records to analyze…. It’s that time of year y’all!

Day 8:  Wordless Wednesday:  Photo of my favorite thing in my classroom


Day 9: My before school routine

I am pathetically great at getting ready in as little as 10 minutes.  Years ago, I worked at a school almost an hour from my house and I had to be there at 7:00.  That year, I learned the beauty of minimizing my morning routine.  I shower at night – that is the big key.  I shower, blow dry my hair, and straighten it or whatever I want to do.  Most of the time, all I have to do is brush it in the morning and I’m good to go.  So here it goes – the “I love my sleep, I stay late at school anyway, I don’t want to get up” morning routine…

1.  Hit the snooze at least twice.
2.  Grumble and drag myself up.
3.  Use bathroom, wash my face, brush my teeth
4.  Get dressed – sometimes I even think ahead the night before
5.  Feed the cats
6.  Grab my lunch
7.  Go!

Day 10: TGIF: If I won the lottery…

Winning the lottery is my boyfriend’s New Year’s Resolution!  He is trying but, sadly, we still haven’t won yet.  Since winning is a hot topic in our house, I have actually discussed what I would do if I won the lottery recently.

If I won the lottery, I would pay off EVERYTHING!  I would help my family with anything they would need.  Travel will become a constant part of my life.  There are so many places I want to visit!

What about work?  I do not see myself quitting teaching just because I won the lottery.  I really love my job.  Perhaps I would take some time off – for travel, for family… But I do not think I would stop teaching altogether.

The main thing we want to do if we win the lottery – after paying off everything – is to open a bookstore.  This bookstore will have many books available to read.  Customers will not pay for the books – but will bring one from home and put it on the shelf, then choose a new book from the shelf.  Think library, but there wouldn’t be a check out system.  The book “store” would be a place for readers to love reading, relax, and share books with one another.

Day 11:  I get choked up every time I tell the story of _____


Two years ago, I was a fifth grade reading and writing teacher.  Instead of traditional guided reading groups each week, I used a literature circle approach.  During this year, one of my groups was reading The Watsons Go to Birmingham.  Christopher Paul Curtis is one of my favorite authors.  As a proud book worm, I tried my best to instill the love of reading in my students.  Often, this was difficult – many of my students were below grade level and reading was always a chore for them.  Reading made them uncomfortable and not successful.  Despite all these things, I thought I would give The Watsons a shot.  Throughout the time we were reading this book, the group of five was enthralled.  They connected with the characters and had genuine feelings and thoughtful questions.  When we finished, we sat in a circle and discussed the book.  An outsider never would have been able to tell this group of readers struggled.  They never would have know how much of a challenge and how big of an accomplishment it was for them to finish.  All any outsider would have seen/heard was the love of reading coming through their voices.  More than one student said that The Watsons was the first book they ever really connected with, ever understood, ever LOVED.

Day 12:  Favorite article of clothing

images (1)


Keeping in true teacher form, my favorite article of clothing is a cardigan.  I have more than anyone should, multiples of the same color.  I have long sleeve, short sleeve, three quarter sleeve.  Some of thick, some thin.  Some are short, others long.  I really and truly love a good cardigan!


And now – like Amy – I’m all caught up!


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