#Kinderchat Challenge Day 5: When would you be?

Challenge: If you could live in any historical era, when would it be?

This was a no-brainier for me – the style, the excitement of being on the brink of change, and the seemingly innocent times of the late 1920’s-1950’s. Yes – this time period had its pitfalls – social injustices, war, financial crisis – all time periods do. But there is something about these years that intrigues me. I often wonder if I would have been brave enough to have been an agent of change back then. Would I stand up for women’s rights? For civil rights? Would I go to work in a factory a la Rosie the Riveter? Or grow a victory garden? My heart tells me yes – I certainly hope so.

By far, I love the way that people dressed! I blame Gatsby!








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2 responses to “#Kinderchat Challenge Day 5: When would you be?

  1. Faige

    Yes for the clothes!

  2. This would be my era too! However, the only thing I would want to be in this era is Gatsby’s girlfriend… just don’t tell me what you do for a living! 😉

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