#Kinderchat Challenge Day 3: Best Things

Day 3 Challenge: The very best thing(s) of 2013

This one is a little difficult for me as I find it extremely different to name my favorite or the best of anything.  I guess it’s the Gemini in me.

In no particular order…


1.  Starting a Twitter account and finding the great PLN that I have


2.  Welcoming niece number 5 into this world in March (wow – she is almost a year old!)


3. Exploring personalized learning and what it means for my students and for my teaching


4. Starting to conquer my irrational fear of bridges by running a 5K over a connector in Charleston


5. Reading so many good books, both personal and professional


6.  Connecting with other classes and with my students’ families via our class Twitter and Instagram


7.  Completing 60 hours of professional development involving literacy


8. Polishing my picture book draft

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