Teach Me Seymour!



I sat in professional development today – county mandated professional development – to “learn” how to “use” our newly adopted math series.  We’ve all been there… in a cold room listening to a publishing rep tell you all about the great new series your system has adopted.  It is a “one size fits all” type of thing — this one was not even personalized to my grade level.  As a learner, I was yearning to be taught something new and innovative to take back to my classroom.  Even if the presenter (bless her heart) was going to tell me something of value – I probably wouldn’t have known because I checked out within the first thirty minutes.

This frustration led me to think of my little ones starting school with me next week… How do I keep them from doing the same thing? How do I keep them engaged and prevent them from checking out?

I can only hope that my efforts to give them voice/choice/ownership in our classroom pay off.  I can only hope that our building of a strong community of learners will keep them invested.  How can I do this successfully?  Here is what I’m thinking…



I have never really liked the idea that students are sponges – just soaking up everything we teach and tell them.  Where is their role in that?  I prefer to think of them as gatherers… gathering ideas into their buckets (brains) to formulate their own learning.  My vision is that I create opportunities for my students to fill their “literacy buckets” while in kindergarten.

bucketsWe need to gather things to help us with all of our literacies.

Math – numeracy, methods/procedures/patterns, spatial awareness, application/connections
Science – environment, responsibility, exploration, experimentation
Reading – visual, informational, functional
Social Studies – global, connections between people and nations, roles in society
Play/Social – cultural, manners, relationships
Digital/Media – iPads, internet, digital citizenship

Whew!  That’s a lot!  Teach me!




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4 responses to “Teach Me Seymour!

  1. Sigh, non-differentiated PD, I think we’ve all been there. But I really like your idea of seeing students as gatherers.

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