Something to Tweet about

I have a twitter account for networking purposes.  I have had it just about as long as I’ve had this blog.  I do not tweet everyday – and if I do – it is usually a retweet of someone’s tweet I really enjoyed.  I am a twitter newbie… plain and simple.

Just last week, a friend tweeted me, calling me to tweet more.  I thought – why not?  But then, I thought, what do I tweet about? I automatically retweeted from some of my favorites because I wasn’t sure what else to do.  Does someone really want to know that I’m on Pinterest yet again searching for more ideas and blogs to follow?  And if I have a question I want to open up to the global community, will I get an answer?  Will I use the right hashtags?

I love twitter for what I get out of it – I’m still just learning what I need to put INTO it.  I want to join in on chats and the like, I’ve just got to get in there. I hashtag my blogs and follow those links.  I’m loving what #kinderchat is doing right now with the #kinderblog13 and encouraging teachers to brag about themselves.

So far – here are some of my tweets I’ve retweeted and favorited:





I LOVE following other educators and following people they follow.  I’m looking to do more that retweet and tweet my blog.  So I’m calling on my friends in the education community to lend me some advice – and give me something to tweet about.

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5 responses to “Something to Tweet about

  1. I was in the same boat initially. I only lurked and followed other Tweeps…occasionally re-tweeting them. This is a great way to curate content and keep in the loop instantly with other educators. If you find a good PLN to follow, you can get tons of good ideas.

  2. Glad to have found you on Twitter and even happier to have discovered your blog! I look forward to visiting often 🙂 Thanks for sharing great ideas and reflections!

  3. I was happy to meet you through Twitter and even happier when I discovered your blog! Thanks for sharing great ideas and reflections. Make sure you tweet out any new posts. I’ll be back often!

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