End with a BOOK!


I’ve had this post in my brain for two weeks now.  It has been trapped there – dying to get out!  But as we all know, the end of the school year can be crazy.  If you factor in moving and a 4 day road trip – well then it’s just out right chaos in my brain.

My school year came to a delightful close and we all enjoyed our fun those last few days.  I was blessed to have amazing parents help me power through and get all the end of year “housekeeping” tasks completed.  As far as teaching went, I used those days to do one of my favorite things – read aloud. I read aloud MULTIPLE times each day.

Even as adults, we can find pleasure in hearing someone read out loud to us.  It can be calming, nostalgic, or entertaining.  I use picture books throughout my teaching – everyday.  When teaching older students, I still read aloud, daily.  Whether you use read alouds as activating strategies, summarizing strategies, tickets out the door, time fillers, brain breaks, or discussion starters – you are incorporating something great into your classroom.  The benefits are endless:  increasing vocabulary, modeling fluency, increasing comprehension, modeling think alouds and other reading strategies… I could go on and on.

Here are some of my favorites – and some we read our last days of school!













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