A lightbulb – a ha – ray of sunshine moment

I had a moment today.  One of those great – wow – YAY! type moments.

Lately we have been exploring personalized learning and using voice and choice.  My previous post talked about the students scheduling their day and having choice about how to accomplish the task.  I have seen how this personal investment in learning can transform students thinking about different subjects. They carry this ownership and voice outside of my classroom walls.  They begin to see their learning environment everywhere.  The extension and application becomes apparent to them.  Mattie is one of those students.

Mattie is a very creative child – albeit sometimes shy and reserved.  Ever since my Skippyjon Jones lesson she has taken off as a writer.  She will write and write and write – if you give her the choice.  Which is what is happening in my classroom.  Writing time is all of the time.  If the writing block is over, that does not necessarily mean that Mattie’s time to write is over.  She writes pages and pages.  She wants to share with her friends.  And – she wants suggestions!  How can she make it better – – – all that dreaded editing, she wants it!


So this morning, Mattie brought in pictures of her guinea pigs for Show and Tell.  She brings her pictures to the front of the room.  In her shy, sweet voice she says: “Um, Ms. Gay.  I have something else to share before the pictures.  I wrote a poem that I want to read to everyone.”

Cue tears, heart leaping, extreme burst of pride in Mattie!  She has taken her personal journey in learning, carried it home, and used it at a time many kids wouldn’t.  She is invested.  She has ownership.  She is a learner!

Here is Mattie, reading her poem (which I had to record a second time due to background noise), that she wrote “all by herself”!



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