Autocorrect… FAIL!

We all enjoy reading those hilarious text messages that are a result of Autocorrect taking something mundane and turning into something wildly inappropriate.

What I’ve come to learn however is that it is not hilarious to see your students’ faces scrunch up at the red squiggly line or become frustrated when trying to read back something they have typed.

My kindergarten students use Book Creator on their iPads to publish their writing in book form.  Autocorrect is great for older students and adults when typing, but as a kindergartner who spells phonetically – autocorrect is just confusing.  They come to me for guidance to make “that line” or “new weird word” go away.  In their developing minds, they are spelling correctly by putting what they hear.

We spend our writing lessons stretching out words to record the sounds we hear and the students do this on their own in the writing center.  When creating their own books, they record their voices reading them.  They want their friends to be able to read them.  And how do kindergarteners begin to read?  Phonetically.  They read the sounds that they see.



To keep my emerging authors confident – I turned autocorrect OFF!  They are no longer discouraged by the red squiggly line or confused by the “new” (albeit correct) words on their pages.



There are many words that don’t follow the rules – and plenty of time to learn about them.  For now – we are going to concentrate on getting our ideas out into the world!


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